This is the Blockchain for the mobile population. VITALI evolves Travel. We redefine accessibility of luxury travel in the minds of consumers in the shared economy by:



USER Story 1 | Private Travel Made Available to the Mass Consumer

Ours is the richest, most technologically advanced society in History. Do you feel it? Most do not. The concentration is privileged and exclusive. The scope and scale of technological advancement has made technology cheaper and widely available, including in Aviation. So why can't you afford to charter private when commercial fails you? Because, by design, there is no public demand for services or price transparency.

VITALI owns its own fleet of lightjet aircraft to transport our community anywhere in the lower 48, and soon, Europe, China and Africa. The aircraft can be chartered in full, pooled among private contacts to lower costs, among the public, or an individual can take a flight at a daily allotted departure time from over 4,000 regional airports, bypassing commercial congestion and personal invasion.


USER story 2 | Blockchain and The Social Travel Platform

As the ledger technology supporting the new economy of digital currencies, Blockchain has shown superior operational value in transparency, data security, logistics, process simplification, and even compliance.

VITALI's Social Travel Platform encompasses mobile commerce, inter-party data, data management, physical asset management, logistics and payment solutions. Most importantly, as passengers numbers grow, so do security concerns. On our blockchain, the processes serving as the underlying authentication layer for biometric-equipped mobile and wearable devices, a passenger's experience becomes more secure, easier, faster and more satisfying. They can verify their identities, communicate with VITALI and other VITALI Token Users in a variety of new and engaging mobile formats without pulling out IDs and exposing personal financial information. 

THE platform for the Blockchain Travel Economy, this User is here to stay. Millennials (16-25) are moving away from fiat and physical currency, cards, etc., and rapidly onto digital. We build for future mass demand.

VITALI Users, with custom user profiles and social media capabilities, can purchase travel products and ancillary services before, during and after their flights. A truly vibrant travel economy. It is indeed likely for this User to leave their home, and return to it, without ever standing in a single line or sharing personal info. End-to-end.



As the VITALI universe evolves within the travel sector, it holds the potential to integrate new products and services without excessive investment costs or overly complicated implementation efforts. 

Just as companies in the financial services and retailing sectors are already starting to discover today, factors like performance pressures, mobile proliferation, rapid third-party innovation, growing customer expectations and uncertain marketplace economics will force airlines and travel companies to reconsider their models and find a place for blockchain if they are to build and keep a durable, market-leading brand. 

VITALI projects up to 3 years before blockchain technology matures to the point of widespread adoption, and yet we know the rapid march of technology defies expectations, and know both the amount of investment and attention will accelerate its utility and popularity. Yet, the VITALI Blockchain Platform exists before many airlines and travel-related businesses understand out how to embrace and monetize blockchain itself. Our thinking is nonlinear. And so it is for companies like Google, IBM, Goldman Sachs, 

VITALI intends to develop at quantum speed and license our Blockchain platform via dApps (decentralized applications or smart contract use cases themselves) to Priceline Group, AirBnB, Marriott, Expedia Inc, etc. A decentralized application can also provide a competitive pressure that changes the pricing of digital resources for a greater range of values to serve a wider market of users. We stand as the gateway to a new travel economy. These Partners then serve as mechanism for distribution of the VITALI Token - suggested by bulk purchases and offered in rewards or signature programs. Our executive relationships, deal-making expertise and momentum are in place here.



Mapped into a network of hubs and spokes, a social media map resembles the same social network as a normal human community - yet on a larger scale. In the real world, someone's network of personal relationships, of friends, family, and coworkers would extend to 40 or more people - a TRIBE. Online, that number blossoms to 200+, though 75-99% of those relationships are impersonal. As we have leaders and status ranking in the real world...there are influencers, innovators and early adopters online. Any meme, belief or pathogen can propel through this network, real or virtual, and be actively or unconsciously adopted. This is the meaning of Virality.

On the decentralized Blockchain, VITALI's private charter operations can respond to rapid shifts in demand with predictive analytics, based on the real-time reporting of one particular "node," or location. Idle assets can be deployed where demand is forecasted to increase.


With Machine Learning (ML), our algorithms respond to new information and become self-adaptive. A good example is a proprietary blockchain maintenance smart contract that improves its own ability to schedule and correct maintenance issues over time. Algorithms can be trained on millions of examples of traveler/customer data, protocols and scenario outcomes to optimize the responsiveness,  forecasting, reach and efficiency of the VITALI Fleet.

By owning our own fleet, we eliminate the impact of broker and owner/operator premiums that come with normal charter pricing. By standardizing our fleet, we eliminate variance and inefficiency in operating costs. By bypassing congested commercial hubs, VITALI is not subject to the cost influence of Major airlines that dominate Major airports, in fact, we gain favor at regional locations. These savings are passed into our customer pricing in the real world.

The Blockchain further streamlines all of the previous - offering network effects, lower operational costs, increased security, interoperability, decentralized control, virtual currency, and collaboration with other corporate travel partners through licensed dApps.

Monetization and Mining


A wide range of ancillary purchases become easier with blockchain technology. Our platform not only presents tremendous Monetization opportunities, but Mining as well, as we intend to accrete all travel related blockchain transactions.



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