Jonathan Neal | 


Visionary Founder and Senior Managing Partner with over 20 years of aviation experience as a private pilot, sought-after test pilot, certified flight and multi-engine instructor and business owner. 

A graduate of Henderson State University, winner of the Phoenix Aviation Managers Inc. Aviation Safety Excellence Award, and the Airline Transport Professional program. He is also Founder of Outreach Aviation, a D.C.-based nonprofit.


Kanen Oblias

Founder, Trust Manager and Senior Managing Partner. His career executive stints with the J. Paul Getty Trust, Paramount Pictures Corporation, ESPN, Liz Claiborne/Juicy Couture, Live Nation Entertainment, Kaiser Permanente, the Daily News and Ramp^Rate Advisors - an IT tech advisory firm with clients such as IBM and Microsoft. As an independent advisor and entrepreneur, he has structured transactions totaling $11.2B since 2008, including an $893M commercial fleet transaction with the Boeing Co. for members of the House of Saud and the Government of Bahrain. 

He holds education in Business Economics from Ashford University, Clark-Atlanta University, MIT, University of Cambridge, Wellesley College, and Yale University. 


Rob Cain

Chief Financial Strategist. Mr. Cain has conceived, co-founded, and served as interim COO/CFO for several media/software ventures, raising more than $75M in venture funding. He has provided advisory services and execution on IPOS and M&A transactions totaling over $800, while at JP Morgan. An expert on Hollywood and the Chinese film business - he’s a Forbes contributor. Managed deal analysis and financial due diligence on dozens of transactions, acquisitions and joint ventures for major studios and high net worth investors.

He holds an AB in Asian Studies and in Economics from Harvard, and an MBA from Wharton School.

Sina Shot (2).JPG

Sina Djalili

Enterprise Risk Manager, over 40 years experience in administering overarching systems of risk assessments to support and inform businesses of risks associated with the areas of operational/transactional, credit, interest rate and liquidity, strategic, compliance and legal and reputation. Having advised large-scale insurance instutitions, and NY/London Hedge Funds, he structures Vitali for regulatory compliance on insurance matters, and risk abatement measures toward institutional investment and/or public shareholder aims.

He is the founder of Comprehensive Insurance Services - an independent insurance agency.


San Pathak

Dir., Technology. He is currently the Vice President of Technology at Element Three, a strategic brand & marketing agency. He is tasked to develop the scope and direction of Vitali proprietary tech to add significant sIP asset to the company. He is also charged with integrating technology to funnel more business development opportunities and creating more customer and industry focused solutions. San served as Vice President of Technology at Reborn Code, as such he directed teams of developers across a wide range of technology.

San has also worked as Vice President of Engineering at Corporate Systems Engineering where he was responsible for maintaining one of the largest Load Management platforms in California.

He is an engineering graduate of Purdue University.


Andrae Cornett

Dir., FinTech Analysis. Mr. Cornett is a deeply experienced Financial Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the private equity, auto finance(audit), media/ entertainment(audit), and veterinary industries. Skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions, Auditing, Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Finance.

He brings significant experience from Oak Tree Capital and KPMG. He is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA focused in Accounting from Jackson State University


Ollie Ward

Chief of Staff, he is an Operations and Corporate Strategy hyper-specialist. In his previous role of employment as VP of Operations for the software development firm, Reborn Code, Ollie engaged numerous and managed numerous multi-million dollar project budgets, with brands such as the NFL Network, NHL Network, Chevrolet, Comcast, Burger King, NCAA March Madness, Spike TV Lip Sync Battle, the 2016 U.S. Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, etc.

The Founder of Resolved You, Inc., Mr. Ward has an educational background in Business Marketing/Management through Ivy Tech. He dedicates his spare time to volunteering, charity and nonprofit endeavors.


Jolie Dalton

Director of Government Affairs, she works as the government relations liaison, ensuring the integrity of all FAA, municipal, state, and federal considerations. Works with key government, business and community leaders to establish Vitali as a responsible corporate citizen in the various communities and community relationships that we build and develop. She actively develops the executive communications agenda and strategic communications and publicity processes of the company. Plans and directs all administrative, financial, and operational activities for Vitali’s senior executives.

She is a graduate of Tennessee State and Harvard University.


Kevin Susman

(presumptive) Dir., Marketing. As a Brand Strategist, Mr. Susman has led brand positioning, narrative strategy & marketing execution on both brand and product initiatives. As a Creative Director, Kevin has overseen the creation of brand identities, broadcast commercials, websites, trade show booths, mobile apps, package design, sales brochures and marketing videos.

Working direct-to-client, Kevin has led strategy, creative & marketing execution for Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Expedia and Hitachi. And for startups like Banding People Together and Blue Kangaroo.



Jeff Hoffman

CoFounder : Priceline | uBid | ColorJar


David Drake

Chairman: LDJ Capital | SOHO Loft Media Group


Ilona Simpson

Venture Capitalist & Former CTO : Aston Martin | Porsche


Business Advisory


Steptoe + Johnson

Risk Management


Aviation Consultant

GHS Aviation Group


Credit Suisse


Lloyds of London

Architectural Consultant


Aircraft Manufacturers

Embraer | Pilatus

Flight Ops Consultant and Charter Partner

World Class Jets